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Neighbours’ confirms first 35th anniversary death as character bows out in dramatic fashion

It was an explosive night

Neighbours Prue
Published: Wednesday, 18th March 2020 at 10:35 pm

As Neighbours' 35th anniversary continues on Channel 5, the soap killed off its first character in the End Game episode.


Prue Wallace (Denise Van Outen) met her demise when she took a fateful trip to save her relationship with Gary Canning (Damien Richardson).

The pair dramatically didn't get married as was planned when Gary found out Prue had been lying to her about her involvement with the Order.

Gary fled to Pierce's luxury island to be with his boy, Kyle, and had to explain to him and new flame Roxy, that Prue wasn't who she said she was.

But little did he know, Prue was following him in her luxury sports car, dressed in her wedding gown.

Crying uncontrollably, she left Gary a desperate message, telling him not to get on the boat.

Naturally her driving was compromised as she was so upset, causing her to veer off into the grass and work out where she was while leaving an emotional message for her daughter, Harlow.

Clearly having a bad day, Prue looked at the honeymoon present she'd taken along with her - but of course, it was the one Finn Kelly planted with a bomb!

"God, I need a drink," Prue insisted. "Where's that champagne?"

And with those fateful words, Prue opened up the present Finn left her and the bomb exploded in horrific fashion.

But who else will die in the 35th anniversary?

Time is running out for Harlow and Bea in the mineshaft, as they are about to be joined by a snake...


And Gary is onto Finn, but has he crossed the wrong enemy?

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