Neighbours’ Chloe Brennan falls pregnant – April Rose Pengilly on character’s fears for her baby

She's about to clash with Pierce.

neighbours chloe

Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) and Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards) are in for a shock when she discovers she is pregnant in Neighbours – but she takes her time telling Pierce the news which is going to lead some tension between the pair who are  already in a complicated situation.

Advertisement has been chatting exclusively with April and asked her what is going through Chloe’s head when she learns about the pregnancy.

“It’s instant fear and terror. Because for Chloe with her Huntingdon’s, she’s not really advised to conceive children naturally. It’s best to go through the IVF process and to test whether the Huntington’s gene has been passed onto the embryo,” April explained.

Adding how much that there is for Chloe to consider, she told us about the fear she has that her child could be born with Huntingdon’s too.

“Because Chloe’s own life will be significantly shortened and the disease will start kicking in when she’s like late 40’s or early ’50s. And also, Chloe is not even sure if she wants children or not. She knows Pierce will be really excited and, well there’s just lots of big decisions that need to be made. And it’s all very unexpected.”

But as for Pierce, he doesn’t get to find out as soon as he would have liked with Chloe opting to keep the news from him; at least at first. Explaining why Chloe chose to hide the pregnancy, Pengilly said: “She knew that he would be really excited and she needs to get her head around it first and decide how she feels about it before it all sort of gets away from her. And her Huntingdon’s, it is something that I think is quite difficult for others to understand when they aren’t dealing with it themselves.”

“For Chloe, she sees it as a death sentence and it’s been extremely difficult for her to come to terms with it and watch her mother deal with it. All of that kind of leads her to not immediately tell Pierce.” Unfortunately, one person that does find out before the father to be is Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), something that makes things worse when he finally does hear the news.

“Pierce is definitely not happy that Paul knew about it first but it was totally out of Chloe’s control. Paul was just sort of hanging around and listening in typical Paul Robinson style but yeah, Pierce is not happy about that.”


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