Neighbours star April Rose Pengilly reveals how Chloe baby storyline nearly played out differently

The tragic plot almost had another, devastating ending

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Scenes next week in Neighbours show Chloe Brennan and Pierce Greyson (April Rose Pengilly and Tim Robards) receive a devastating blow when they learn that they have lost the baby following some severe shooting pains that Chloe experiences while out for a walk.


The heartbreaking scenes are a tough watch with the miscarriage deeply upsetting for them both – and perhaps signalling the beginning of the end for their marriage with the news that Pierce will be leaving Ramsay Street in the coming months.

April has been speaking exclusively to about the storyline and has revealed that things were originally set to play out differently. Whilst the end result would still have seen them lose the baby, it was set to happen in a different, albeit equally painful, way.

“Because Chloe has Huntington’s and there is the medical issue aspect to the whole thing, we were hoping we might actually be able to show a termination of the baby – that the baby would have the Huntington’s markers and they would have to terminate the baby for health reasons,” April explained. “But in the end, they were worried that it might be too controversial so Chloe does lose the baby and it doesn’t have the Huntington’s markers.”

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April went on to give her views on the change in direction and how she had hoped to be able to shine a light on those who have gone through a similar, painful, thing. “I was a little bit disappointed because it would have been good to represent that, as so many women have to go through it. But it’s the same with going through a miscarriage, I was so grateful that we got to portray that on screen for all the women who have to deal with that.”

“Either way, I knew it was going to be a very heavy and interesting storyline”.

The storyline plays out next week on UK screens and while things are going to be, understandably, upsetting for Chloe for some time, April has admitted she would love to see a return to the more care-free version of the character that we had in her early days on the show. “I would love that,” she says. So would we, Chloe deserves some fun after all she has been through and all the heartache sure to be on the way with Pierce leaving the show.


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