Neighbours star April Rose Pengilly talks heartbreak over the loss of Chloe’s baby

Sad times are on the horizon for Chloe and Pierce.

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Although we saw Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) and Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards) celebrate their pregnancy, overjoyed at the fact the baby doesn’t show any signs of developing Huntingdon’s disease later in life, that joy is about to prove to be short-lived as a devastating blow is on the way on Neighbours.


While out for a walk, against Pierce’s advice and at Nicolette Stone’s (Charlotte Chimes) request, Chloe is left alone and experiences severe shooting pains and, when she is rushed to the hospital, she is given the devastating news that she has lost the baby.

April has been speaking exclusively to about the sad storyline and how Chloe deals with what is a horrible situation for her to be in, especially with a baby shower planned.

Viewers will see Chloe hide the loss so that she can go ahead with a baby shower for her sick mother, Fay (Zoe Bertram), something that she soon regrets when the heartache overwhelms her.

neighbours chloe fay nicolette
Chloe, Fay and Nicolette in happier times

“Chloe decides to go ahead with the baby shower because her mother, Fay, who is suffering from Huntingdon’s, is very excited about it,” April says of the decision. “She is due to go back to Adelaide soon after, so Chloe wants to do one nice thing for her before she goes back. She”s so excited for it all and Chloe doesn’t want to disappoint her.”

Of course, keeping up the pretence that all was well was never going to be easy for Chloe and Pierce with April saying that “Chloe can’t make it through it and she breaks down in the middle of the baby shower.”

On a cheerier note, with Nicolette revealing her feelings for Chloe recently, we quizzed April on what the couple name should be for the pair following the beloved Chelly partnership she shared with former star Jodi Anasta. ‘We actually discussed this” she said, revealing that she and Charlotte worked one out early on and, while she insists it is just a “friend name” (for now, we suspect), she said that they have gone with ‘Click’- which we like!


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