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Bea fights for her life in Neighbours after eating poisoned mushrooms

Trouble on the way for Kyle and Roxy...

bea neighbours waterhole
Published: Monday, 8th February 2021 at 11:19 am

The decision Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) made to add wild mushrooms into Kyle Canning's (Chris Milligan) cooking at the tram in Neighbours comes back to haunt them both in a big way next week - and Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) looks set to pay the price.


After giving the judge of the food competition food poisoning, Kyle and Roxy were shaken but relieved that they hadn't been busted for the mistake and they quickly made sure that all the infected pies were removed from the tram.

Unfortunately, the pies are not disposed of as well as they should have been and after doing the rounds of Ramsay Street, one ends up with Bea who ends up tucking in - falling seriously ill as a result.

As Bea is rushed to the hospital, the severity of the situation is made clear as her organs start to shut down and her not surviving becomes a terrifyingly real possibility. Kyle and Roxy are mortified when they hear the news and they realise they have to come clean. But how will everyone react when they learn that they are at fault, and will Bea survive?

And then there is Levi (Richie Morris) who will find himself torn between Bea and his family if he finds out what happened. Are we about to see Canning Vs Canning?

Elsewhere next week, a lip-synching competition at Lassiters shows a different side to several Ramsay Street residents with some of them putting on quite the show - including David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) who dazzles with his energetic routine.

mackenzie david neighbours lip synch
Mackenzie and David are two people who take to the stage

But while many pull out the stops (and listen out for a great musical Stefan Dennis easter egg), all eyes are on Dipi Rebecchi and Amy Greenwood (Sharon Johal and Jacinta Stapleton) as the two are paired to go up against each other and the simmering feud between them boils over in a spectacular way - and for everyone to see. How will Shane respond to the two women in his life coming to blows?


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