Will Chloe and Naomi have an affair in Neighbours?

The girls get closer, and Pierce is paranoid…

Neighbours Naomi Canning Chloe Brennan

Throwing a curveball to Neighbours fans who predicted Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards) was set to have an affair with old flame Naomi Canning (Morgana O’Reilly), the soap is cranking up the chemistry between the Ramsay Street minx and Pierce’s wife, Chloe Greyson (April Rose Pengilly) – could the women end up having a forbidden fling?


The trio spend a lot of time in each others’ company as they prepare for Lassiters’ charity event to raise funds for the Cancer Council next week. Always on the lookout to rile up business rival Pierce, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) notices the frisson between Naomi and Chloe as Ms Canning makes a cast of her mate’s bust to auction off and suggests to Mr Greyson the girls are getting a little too close.

Doing his best to bury the niggles, Pierce gives in to full-on paranoia when the threesome celebrate the success of the bash with a few drinks in the spa – and overhears Paul tell Chloe he reckons naughty Naomi is trying to seduce her!

Neighbours Paul Robinson Pierce Greyson fight

Pierce launches himself at Paul for trying to meddle in his marriage, but later admits to Toadie Rebecchi his genuine concerns that his wife is attracted to their colleague. Naomi is aghast to learn Paul, another notch on her bedpost, has been deliberately pushing her boss’s buttons but she starts to suspect flirty Chloe might actually fancy her…

Ironically, Naomi has had to sit on her feelings for Pierce since she returned to Ramsay Street to find the fella she almost had a thing with during their partying days in Sydney is now one of her – very happily married – neighbours.

Chloe has form when it comes to scandalous hook-ups ruining relationships – she slept with her brother Mark Brennan’s fiancee Elly Conway, the revelation of which unsurprisingly wrecked things for the couple.

With all manner of misunderstandings and romantic tension among Chloe, Naomi and Pierce, which daring direction will this Erinsborough love triangle take next? The possibilities are certainly intriguing…


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