Iain Dean leaves Casualty as actor Michael Stevenson exits cast

But might the paramedic return at some point in the future?

Casualty - Series 34 - EP5

Paramedic Iain Dean has departed Holby City Hospital, bringing to an end actor Michael Stevenson’s seven-year stint on Casualty.


Scenes just shown on BBC One saw Iain decide to take a job with the air ambulance service alongside former colleague Dixie (Jane Hazlegrove). However, show boss Simon Harper has hinted that we could be seeing more of Iain at some point in the future.

“Michael is taking a well-deserved break from his paramedic duties – I couldn’t be prouder of his stunning work on Casualty – and the door is wide open for his return,” commented the medical drama’s executive producer.

Stevenson himself added that, “Iain’s journey will continue.”

Casualty - Series 34 - EP5

Recent episodes have charted Iain’s road to recovery after he made an attempt on his life and, following the announcement of his exit, Stevenson thanked fans for supporting him throughout Iain’s mental illness storyline.

“The response from the public has been astonishing and I am incredibly proud of the work and what it has done for people’s perception and awareness of needing to talk,” said the actor.

Next weekend’s episode of Casualty will see new paramedic Lev join arriving in the ambulance station. Actor Uriel Emil plays the latest recruit, who is described as “steely and tough” – evidence of this coming almost immediately when Jan and Ruby catch him getting into a scrap with a passer-by.

Harper said of his new signing: “Uriel brings a fantastic, exciting energy to the table in his portrayal of the troubled Lev.  As a Russian paramedic with a stormy past he’s a really fresh and unique character in the Casualty mix, and I’m so looking forward to the audience getting to know him.”


Casualty returns next Saturday on BBC One