Disaster struck in The Dales this evening as Emmerdale's summer stunt finally hit our TV screens.


Viewers watched as Chrissie's revenge plot went horribly wrong, and an exploding airborne gas canister hit the helicopter Pete had intended to whisk himself and Debbie away from their wedding.

As the aircraft came crashing down on the village hall, the roof caved in on the wedding party, just as Debbie's affair with Ross was revealed. There was a bang, a crash and a fade to black, leaving us to wonder what on earth could happen next.

Of course we can never say no to the chance to speculate about who could meet their summer fate...

Pete and Debbie

The errr, unhappy couple were mid confrontation when Dan rushed in to break the news about the approaching helicopter. Will their failed first dance be their last?

The Dingles

Zak, Cain and Moira were all in attendance, along with Joan and Cain's estranged son Kyle. There was plenty of reference to his fractured relationship with the lad throughout the episode: could that be a hint that there's emotional turmoil for the Dingles in store?

The Bartons

Pete's parents appeared to leave the village hall before the helicopter came crashing down, but could they have headed back inside before it hit?

What we do know is that Finn was most definitely still inside – will the youngest Barton escape? Or take his knowledge of Ross and Debbie's liaison to the grave?

Val and Diane

When last we saw the pair they were trapped inside the mirror maze, thanks to Dougie, Pollard and Rodney's ploy to end their bickering about Val's upcoming court appearance. Will the crash put their lives at risk too?

Kerry and Ruby

"Willing victims." That's how Rhona described her new recruits for Marlon's wedding catering team. Now now Emmerdale writers, are you trying to troll us?

We know the pair were still inside the village hall when the roof came crashing in - could they be in mortal peril?


When last we saw him he was fast asleep in a burning car. Could he fall victim to Chrissie's tragic revenge plot?


He jumped out of a van and lost consciousness underwater, but the last time we saw Ross Barton he appeared to be perfectly fine. This is soapland, and that was quite the fall – could he be the first to meet his summer fate after all?

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