Liv discovers Maya murder secret in Emmerdale?

The teen overheard Leyla, Priya and Tracy plotting…


The mystery of what happened to Emmerdale‘s Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) deepened on Monday 29th April when Liv Flaherty overheard Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi), Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) vowing to keep quiet about what happened to the predatory teacher last week as they burnt vital evidence that could implicate them – but what will the teen’s next move be?


Emmerdale’s audacious ‘big night out’ narrative experiment saw several storylines reach a peak on Thursday 25th April when a bunch of villagers headed into Hotten for the evening to go clubbing.

Among the many dramatic developments occurring at the club was the revelation to Leyla, Priya and Tracy that their former stepson Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) was in a sexual relationship with his teacher Miss Stepney, who had groomed and abused the vulnerable teenager.

Confronting manipulative Maya, Jake’s three ‘mums’ bundled her into a car as they left the bar with Leyla threatening they were going to teach her a lesson (and not the kind taught in a classroom) to get revenge for her taking advantage of Jacob.

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When will we find out if Maya is alive or dead?

What went on in the intervening hours between the end of the night and the morning after, when Maya had disappeared without a trace, will remain a secret until the week beginning Monday 6th May when the missing parts of the night out will be told in a series of flashbacks.

In the aftermath, the trio went to the woods as it transpired that was the last place they saw Maya – but they were horrified to discover she had vanished with nothing but her blood-stained scarf left behind. Talking around the paedophile’s fate in hushed tones, fans could deduce the three village vixens had a violent showdown in the woods and left her injured, but now have no idea where she is. Leyla has urged her friends to enter a circle of trust and not reveal what went on, and have lied to David that his girlfriend had dumped him and moved away.

Anxious their possibly deadly secret could be rumbled, they set fire to Maya’s scarf and items of clothing worn on the fateful night, as it contained traces of their victim’s DNA which could implicate them.


Unbeknown to the girls, Liv was listening in around the corner with great interest – and while no one confirmed exactly what they were hiding, it’s obviously something pretty huge. Liv herself is aware of Maya and Jacob’s inappropriate relationship but stopped short of going fully public with the info – will she let on to Leyla, Tracy and Priya her part in the plot? And could the threesome be a red herring if it turns out Liv went to the woods and finished the job on mean Maya? Or is Maya still alive and hiding out somewhere?

Except more red herrings until the flashbacks arrive – but what will Liv do before then…?


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