Kim Tate mystery phone call in Emmerdale sparks hopes for Joe Tate return

Who was the village vixen calling?

emmerdale kim tate joe tate

Emmerdale launched a new mystery involving conniving Kim Tate (Claire King) on Friday 9th August when the blonde baddie made a secret phone call to someone she’s in cahoots with over her takeover of the Sharma family business – but who? Could fans finally be getting the Joe Tate (Ned Porteous) return they’ve been praying for?


The bitchy businesswoman has swooped in as the embers fade from the recent sweet factory fire that finished off Frank Clayton and has called in the debt Rishi Sharm (Bhasker Patel) incurred when she gave him a loan to get the factory out of financial trouble.

emmerdale kim tate jai sharma

With terrible timing, the fire has put the organisation in even bigger bother as the insurers may not pay out, so the Sharmas have begrudgingly agreed to do a deal that basically puts Kim in charge over a miffed Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson).

But it appears there’s been more to the acquisition than meets the eye all along, as Kim gloated over the phone to an unseen caller she had “managed to get my hands on  the perfect place for our project.”

The person on the other end must’ve then said something very intriguing as Mrs T smiled smugly and replied: “…Really? Can’t wait!” before cruelly commenting she had found a “lackey” in Jai, singing off with: “I’ll see you soon – partner!”

emmerdale kim tate jai sharma

Emmerdale has hinted to that all will be revealed as the plot unfolds next week, but for now the audience will be wondering if the identity of Kim’s so-far silent partner is a familiar face or someone brand new.

When did Joe Tate leave Emmerdale?

Fan favourite Joe left in October 2018 when his stepgran ordered his murder over betraying her, and was later revealed to have faked his death with the help of Tate employee Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) so he’s still out there. Granted, there’s no love lost between Kim and Joe but what if they’ve built bridges secretly off-screen and all is forgiven? The Tates are nothing if not unpredictable.

emmerdale joe tate graham foster

If this is paving the way for Joe’s comeback, it will be the first time him and Kim have shared the screen – King said earlier this year she would welcome working with Porteous if the chance arose. “If Joe did come back and they saw each other I imagine it would be quite explosive, wouldn’t you? Kim and Joe are cut from the same cloth, and he was from the other side of the Tate family that Kim did not get on with.”

Or… what if it wasn’t Joe himself on the blower, but the mention of him being somehow involved is what stopped Kim in her tracks and inspired the minx-y grin and “Can’t wait!” line?

Stay tuned to Emmerdale to find out who’s helping to pull the strings of Kim’s dodgy dealings…


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