How does ITV’s World Cup coverage affect Emmerdale?

ITV's cutting Emmerdale for the cup – here's when it airs so you don't miss out


World Cup fever is upon us – but that inevitably means some upheaval in the TV schedules. Matches will intefere with this week’s Emmerdale episodes – here’s when to watch so you don’t miss out:


When is Emmerdale on TV?

Thanks to the football, the ITV show will only appear on the following dates:

Tuesday 19 June – 7.00pm (60-minute episode)

Thursday 21 June – 7.00pm (60-minute episode)

Friday 22 June – 7.00pm (60-minute episode)

Usually, Emmerdale airs at 7pm from Monday-Friday, along with another episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

However, the soap won’t be on at all on Monday 18th June as Vera pushes it off the schedule. Similarly, on Wednesday 20th June, fans will have to find another way to spend the evening as Iran v Spain takes over the ITV.


If you tot it all up, you’re still getting the same amount of Emmerdale. But avid soap viewers will need to be organised over the coming weeks…

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