Will David kill Maya as she and Jacob plot to escape in Emmerdale?

The devastated dad wants revenge for his son's abuse


Emmerdale‘s Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) survived a rock to the head from Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) for abusing teenager Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant).


But now that David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) knows his ex-girlfriend groomed his son he’s also out for revenge. Could he end up killing the predatory teacher?

The second part of Thursday 9th May’s dramatic double bill explored the explosive fallout of Jacob’s confession to his father that he was in a relationship with Maya and they were planning to run away together.

David believed Maya was staying with her mother after she unceremoniously dumped him, and that Jakey had been visiting adoptive mum Alicia in Portugal, so discovering the pair were hiding out together was quite a bombshell.

But when Leyla made him realise this was child abuse, the true horror of the situation become clear to the shocked shop keeper.

Emotional Jacob gloated that Maya had chosen him over his David, insisting they were in love and confirming it had been going on for months.

As father and son almost came to blows, Leyla continued to try to make brainwashed Jacob see he was a victim of systematic grooming and psychological manipulation.

But the smitten teenager hit back by revealing to David how Leyla, Priya and Tracy had confronted Maya upon discovering the affair and left her for dead in the woods.

As David broke down, reeling from the multiple betrayals, Jacob fled and hopped on a bus out of the village armed with Maya’s passport, presumably on his way back to her to plot their exit.


Will David track down Maya before she kidnaps Jacob?

Lashing out at Leyla, distraught David unpicked the last few months and was horrified that he had allowed such an awful thing to happen to Jacob right under his nose, blaming himself for bringing Maya into their lives and ignoring the signs of her calculating behaviour.

“If she’s hurt him, I’m the one to blame,” he cried, later dialling Maya’s number as he seethed with rage.

Miss Stepney nervously answered the call from the unnamed location where she’s been hiding out with Jacob since vanishing on the ill-fated ‘Big Night Out’ a fortnight ago, to hear David menacingly growl “Give me back my son…”

What revenge does David have in mind for Maya for using him and taking advantage of Jacob?

Fans were teased that the conniving character would be killed off as the controversial storyline came to a head this week.

Could she still meet her maker if David catches up with her before she and Jacob can flee the country?


“Maya has always felt guilty for the way she’s treated David,” comments Louisa Clein about her alter ego’s behaviour. “Not to the point of true understanding of what she’s really doing…

“Her emotions are very complicated. She cares for David but she can’t handle a challenging, adult relationship. With Jacob, she thinks she loves him and it’s something she could absolutely invest in. He adores her and doesn’t challenge her.

“Being caught in the way she has means there is no going back for Maya. But will she confront it and try and defend herself? Is she going to get that opportunity? It’s all to play for…”


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