Emmerdale’s Vinny in danger as his dad Paul creeps into his life unknowingly?

There's peril on the way in Emmerdale for Vinny when his father makes a return.

emmerdale vinny paul

It’s certainly a shock when Emmerdale’s Mandy Dingle bumps into Paul, Vinny’s dad.


With a lot of history there, she has to do all she can to try and throw him off the scent as to where their son is – something that she was confident she can do.

Unfortunately for Mandy, she thinks wrong and Paul is very much still in the village, but what does this mean for Vinny and his safety?

Vinny may not be a Dingle by blood, but he’s definitely one of the family, and Mandy has made it very clear the lad isn’t in Emmerdale anymore to Paul.

Certain she had convinced him, she doesn’t notice that at Sam and Lydia’s wedding, Paul is there and keeping a close eye on both she and Vinny.

Mandy has no idea just how much Paul has begun to imbed himself in their lives already though. While she is opening up to Lydia, telling her more about the history that the pair shared and why she doesn’t want him around, she is oblivious to the fact that Vinny has already met his father- even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Paul has started work at the scrapyard, with Vinny, and wastes no time in starting to talk to him – all the while hiding his true identity.

But as the two introduce each other, viewers will be left to ponder on just what it is that Paul wants from his son, and why he is hiding the fact that he is his father.

emmerdale vinny

What are his intentions and will Vinny end up finding out the truth? And how will Mandy react when she finds out the devious steps Paul has taken to open up a conversation with Vinny?

We can’t imagine that this is a secret that will stay hidden for long.


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