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Vinny storms off after learning the truth about Paul - has he left Emmerdale for good?

Mandy had some explaining to do.

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Published: Wednesday, 27th May 2020 at 7:25 pm

The Dingles are in disarray in Emmerdale after Vinny finally discovered his new mate 'Alex' is really his long-lost dad Paul Ashdale, and that adopted mum Mandy Dingle knew his true identity and lied to her son.


Confused at catching Paul with his mother at Wishing Well Cottage, vexed Vinny demanded answers and despite Mandy bravely trying to continue the deceit Paul came clean and revealed he was the father who walked out when the lad was a toddler.

Mandy was forced to admit he'd shown up weeks ago wanting to reconnect with his kid but she'd sent him packing, not even telling Vinny he'd been in touch. In the meantime, Paul has sneakily got to know his offspring by getting a job at at the scrapyard under a fake name, but with the ruse finally up Vinny felt so betrayed by both parents he stormed off.

Paul had wracked up terrible gambling debts and let his son down, hence why Mandy deliberately kept him and Vinny apart. Unfortunately, Vin wasn't interested in her excuses about making such a big decision on his behalf, and now appears to have disowned the woman who raised him as her own.

So has Vinny left the soap for good? A search party combs the village for the missing teen on Friday, but Emmerdale are staying tight-lipped as to whether he's found and if he can forgive Mandy.

Mandy and Vinny Dingle

However, the character can't have gone far as he's already confirmed to be appearing in next month's lockdown specials, the first new episodes filmed since production was halted due to the UK pandemic response in March.

Six episodes will focus on a particular household in the village to explore how they're coping with isolation, among them will be Mandy and Vinny. This means the character has not left for good, but the atmosphere between mother and son is bound to be strained as they're forced to stay in together.

What kind of drama will their two-hander bring us in the aftermath of Vinny meeting his estranged father? Will more be explained about Paul's shady past and unsuitability as a parent?

Emmerdale's lockdown episodes are part of a phased return to work for the soap, with smaller crews and social distancing and safety measures in place. The six instalments will transmit over two weeks in June, directly after the last of the new episodes completed before the enforced production break airs.


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