Emmerdale: Victoria to run Ashley over with her car – will he die?

A collision leaves Ashley in a critical condition during scenes to be shown in the coming weeks

A distracted Victoria Sugden is to run down Ashley Thomas in her car, putting the village vicar on the critical list in the process.


An angry Victoria will flip after Kirin announces that Vanessa’s baby is actually Adam’s. Fired up because Adam has deceived her; Victoria heads out to her car as she leaves an angry voicemail for Adam.

As she speeds off in the car she almost knocks him down. Horrified at what she could have done, they argue. A distracted and angry Victoria then goes to speed off again, but this time she hits Ashley, knocking him hard to the ground with her car…

Emmerdale recently released a summer trailer that showed Ashley hooked up to a life-support machine following the accident. But the situation looks set to get even worse when Laurel announces to Ashley’s nearest and dearest that he’s died. So does Victoria have blood on her hands?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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