Emmerdale spoilers: shock fire puts lives at risk – first look pictures

Kerry's disastrous attempt at babysitting results in an inferno at Dale View

Dale View is set to be the scene of a fire as Cain plays hero in order to rescue baby Jack.


The conflagration begins after babysitter from hell Kerry agrees to look after Debbie’s kids, only to hit then hit the vodka and fall into a drunken slumber, her still-lit ciggie catching on the rug in the process.

But when Sarah gets out of the house, she heads to the Woolpack and tells Cain, Moira and Andy about the scene she has just left. They all head over to Dale View followed by a few onlookers. Bob calls the fire brigade as the others arrive to see a wall of smoke and flames. Through the flames, Cain bolts upstairs for Jack, while Amy and Andy head in for Kerry, who remains unconscious and is separated from them by the fire.


Outside, other villagers worry that the fire could spread. And as the flames get bigger, more lives are put at risk…