Has Sean Spencer’s feud with Megan Macey turned fatal? It certainly looks that way from these new images that show Sean lashing out with a curtain pole only to be electrocuted after hitting an exposed light fitting.

The confrontation comes after Sean’s dog Meg is found dead and Sean takes out his hurt by lobbing a rock through a Brook Cottage window and breaking in. Megan is shocked to see Sean smashing up the house, but is left in a complete panic when he lashes out with a curtain pole and finds himself with a powerful electrical current surging through his body.

As Sean lies unconscious and Megan struggles to call an ambulance, Dan arrives and is shocked to see Sean’s state. The emergency services then talk Dan through the procedure for giving chest compressions but Sean’s dad is left distraught when he fails to get any response.

With no signs of life, Dan believes it’s all over for Sean. Ali gets on the scene just as the emergency team tries to shock Sean with the defibrillator – but will they bring him back? And will Ali and Dan blame Megan for causing the accident? Find out in the episodes airing on Thursday 16 May.

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