Emmerdale spoilers: Megan knocks Charity to the ground – watch the scene

But will Charity use the situation to her advantage?

Unscrupulous Charity (Emma Atkins) is to have a secret termination, but will fake a miscarriage in order to explain why she is no longer pregnant.


In scenes to be shown next week, a spat between Charity and Megan soon turns physical. But Charity soon comes up with a way to get the upper hand: 

“They’re arguing about the wedding and Megan is saying that Charity only got pregnant because she’s after Declan’s money,” says actress Gaynor Faye. “Megan goes to walk out and Charity grabs her. When Megan then pulls her arm away, Charity overbalances and falls. Unfortunately for Megan, she falls right into Charity’s trap.”

You can the moment when Charity is knocked to the floor below, while the episode airs in full on Tuesday 20 May.