Emmerdale spoilers: Fiona Wade reveals all about Priya’s baby scan drama

David's shock admission leaves Priya dumbstruck

Priya Sharma is to be left traumatised at her baby scan when she misreads dad-to-be David’s signals. As the pair marvel over the first sight of their baby, Priya gets the wrong idea and goes in for a kiss. It’s a kick in the teeth when David (Matthew Wolfenden) not only backs away, but also breaks the news that he and Alicia (Natalie Anderson) are getting married.


“It’s hugely devastating for Priya,” reveals actress Fiona Wade. “When she leaves home for the scan she’s feeling confident for the first time since the break-up with David. She’s got dressed up, she’s looking nice and she’s very hopeful. But the news about him and Alicia getting married absolutely crushes her. And it’s not just the rejection – it’s the fact that it’s come so soon after he left her. One minute he’s meant to be getting married to her and the next he’s getting married to somebody else.”

So will she end up carving David out of their baby’s life as punishment? “The baby is the only thing she’s got in terms of control. So she’s going to use it against him. It’s not because she’s being cruel – it’s just because she’s got nothing else to hurt him with.

“I think the public will genuinely see her hurt and just how alone she actually is. She’s in love with David, she’s carrying his child and he’s happily getting married to Alicia. It’s absolutely crushing her right now.”

And does the actress think that Priya could ever truly accept David and Alicia’s relationship? “It’s soapland, so it’s always going to be complicated. It’s hard because she’s having David’s baby, so he won’t be out of her life. There are going to be lots of twists and turns. It won’t be smooth running.


“But when she decided to keep the baby, she knew in her heart that it was the right thing for her to do. I know a lot of that decision came down to how feels about David, but she’s still a young woman who knows her own mind and if she didn’t really want it, she wouldn’t have kept it. However, it is definitely a scary time for her.”