Emmerdale spoilers: Edna to hide Aaron from the police, says Shirley Stelfox

The actress also reveals that an upcoming storyline will delve into Edna's own past

Morally upright Edna Birch (Shirley Stelfox) is to give fugitive Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) a place to hide after realising that he’s not responsible for the garage fire.


Viewers will this week see Edna report Aaron to the police after noticing that he’s back in the village. But the concerned citizen will then have a change of heart after Adam (Adam Thomas) admits to starting the blaze and will give Aaron safe refuge.

“Edna decides to help Aaron because she feels guilty over what she did,” explains actress Shirley Stelfox. “Edna’s such a moral character and it’s a big thing for her to hide someone from the police. But despite this gesture, I don’t see a big friendship developing between Aaron and Edna. You’ll have to watch the episodes to see what actually happens between them, but they share a poignant moment, which will give Aaron food for though. Aaron doesn’t need Edna as a friend because he has people like Paddy. But he’d know that she would give him advice should he ever ask for it.”


As for the future for Edna herself, Stelfox reveals that there is more to come for her character: “Edna has a storyline that will start looking into her past. It all happened a long time ago but it was life changing for her and that will come back to revisit her. Sandy will also get involved. This backstory will help to explain a lot about her.”