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Emmerdale spoilers: Chas and Debbie report killer Cameron to the police - Lucy Pargeter interview

The pair take decisive action after the secrets contained on Gennie's Dictaphone are finally revealed

Published: Monday, 2nd September 2013 at 11:01 pm

Debbie and Chas are to head to the police during next week’s episodes in order to report Cameron for murder.


After Debbie takes possession of Gennie’s Dictaphone, she listens to its final incriminating recording. Horrified to realise that Cameron did away with Gennie following the car crash, Debbie makes the decision to confide in Chas.

And when Chas discovers the truth about her sister’s death, plus Cameron’s true role during the night of Carl’s killing, she’s determined to see her ex brought to justice.

“If she had a gun in her hands, she’d probably blow his brains out,” admits Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas. “But what she really wants is to get Cameron in court and for justice to be served. Revenge for her is to see him punished. She needs him to be seen by the whole village for the person he really is. And she wants her name cleared as regards Carl’s death as well.”

So what is Chas’s reaction when she learns that Debbie knew that Cameron was the one to deal Carl that fateful blow back in October of last year?

“To begin with she thinks that Debbie must have found out on the night he did it and that she’s been keeping the secret ever since. She starts to think that Debbie let to prison when all the time she knew that Cameron was responsible.

“Even after Debbie convinces Chas of the truth, she’s still stunned that she could let her go through all of this. It’s a massive betrayal – Debbie knew that Cameron had killed Carl, she now knows that he killed Gennie, but yet she’s still trying to protect him.

“So Chas says that enough is enough. They have no choice. They’re going to the police.”

The trouble is that the police don’t feel that they have enough evidence to charge Cameron. Needing further proof, the officers in charge convince Debbie to have her house bugged in order to catch Cameron.

“Debbie’s scared of the consequences,” reveals Pargeter. “It’s hard for her because she thought she’d won back the love of her life and that she had her family unit back. But Chas is all for it – seeing Cameron caught for what he has done is far more important and she’s prepared for Debbie to do whatever she has to in order to get the confession.”


And will this mission to bring Cameron down be enough to unite Chas and Debbie? “I don’t think they’ll be friends for an awful long time. They’re not going to see eye to eye over this. Chas thought she’d killed Carl and Debbie knew that she hadn’t done it. She could have put her out of her misery sooner.”


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