Charley Webb has been talking to about the emotional difficulties affecting her Emmerdale character, Debbie Dingle.

In recent months, viewers have seen Debbie struggling to form ties with Pete Barton thanks to unresolved feelings regarding killer Cameron Murray.

"She would be vulnerable and we've got to be true to the story. Debbie was held hostage and nearly died, so it wouldn't be right if she just went back to normal," said the actress. "Eventually, she will become happy, but it's good to show her behaving the way she is. If you went through that in real life, then you wouldn't just get over it."

As to whether Debbie should be pursuing a relationship at all after her torment last year at the hands of Cameron, Webb stated: "Debbie's the kind of character that could be on her own. I don't think she particularly needs a boyfriend. But she's always going to be the type to go for a bad boy. Somebody boring and normal would not suit her."

Webb, 26, is now in her 12th year on the ITV soap, but it appears that her enthusiasm for playing Debbie remains undimmed. Speaking on the red carpet at this year's British Soap Awards, she commented:

"My enthusiasm for the show is bigger than it ever has been. We're in a strong position, the show is doing well and we've got a great boss in producer Kate Oates. The storylines have been amazing."

At the ceremony at London's Hackney Empire, Emmerdale picked up the Spectacular Scene of the Year award for the siege and flood at the Woolpack that resulted in the demise of Cameron (Dominic Power).