Emmerdale spoilers: Cameron Murray attacks Marlon Dingle – new images released

The Woolpack chef is left unconscious after being set upon by a desperate Cam

ITV has released new images that show the moment Woolpack chef Marlon Dingle comes face to face with escaped killer Cameron Murray.


Viewers saw Cameron (Dominic Power) escape from police custody in last night’s episodes and it’s not long before the three-time murderer is making his presence felt in the village.

After Cameron commandeers a shotgun, he attacks Marlon and sends him tumbling down the pub’s cellar steps:

“Marlon’s feeling absolute abject horror. He locks the back doors of the Woolpack because Cameron’s on the loose. He has a light conversation with Chas about them being safe rather than sorry. Then he goes into the Woolpack back corridor and Cameron is there,” says actor Mark Charnock. “His throat tightens, he can’t even shout out and before he knows it he’s been hit in the stomach and across the face with the butt of the gun and he’s fallen down the cellar steps, unconscious. Faced with the abyss, both literal and metaphorical.”


And with Marlon unconscious, an armed and dangerous Cameron wastes no time in taking the other Woolpack hostage as he makes a desperate bid to win back Debbie (Charley Webb). Who will make it out of this one in one piece?