Emmerdale: Ronnie’s held at gunpoint, plus Holly has a drugs relapse

And Jimmy has a good thing going with Ashley


Your guide to all next week’s drama on Emmerdale…


1. Will Sam shoot Ronnie?

Plumber Ronnie Hale will be in the firing line when Sam ends up pointing a shotgun at him and telling him that he has a message to deliver from Lawrence. Ronnie decides to confront Lawrence after growing furious that he’s got Sam to do his dirty work for him. But Ronnie is to be left shocked at how hostile Lawrence can be and the lengths he’ll go to keep his family secrets hushed up.

2. Holly seduces Cain…

After Charity frames Holly when some petty cash is stolen, Holly gets her own back by dyeing her hair blue at the salon! When Cain is left impressed by Holly’s streak of deviousness, she ends up leaning in for a kiss. But will he only end up rebuffing Holly’s advances?

3…but ends up back on heroin!

After Holly wrongly assumes that Cain has told Moira about their kiss, she makes claims that he came on to her! As the pair row, Holly runs off, but later leaves a message for Moira begging her to call back. Cain ends up deleting the message, unaware of the potential consequences. Because, as Holly waits for Moira to call, she ends up toying with a wrap of heroin. By Friday, Moira is shocked to discover that Holly has been taken to hospital – so has her daughter succumbed to temptation?

4. Jimmy uses Ashley’s condition to his own advantage

When a reluctant Jimmy is roped into chaperoning Ashley, he soon turns the situation to his own advantage by using it as an excuse for getting out of his chores. Later in the week, Jimmy even ropes Dan in on the ruse. But wily Nicola looks set to catch Jimmy out by the time Friday’s episode airs.

5. Liv goes off the rails

After Liv receives some mysterious messages from someone claiming to be Gordon, Gabby urges her to reveal what’s been happening. But, instead, she ends up stealing booze and going on a house-smashing party at Gordon’s. Just what will Aaron say about her actions?

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