Robert will find solace in the arms of ex-lover Rebecca in next week's Emmerdale following a falling out with Aaron.


The upcoming storyline will see Robert discover from Liv that Aaron has been taking drugs while serving his prison sentence.

But when he pays his husband a visit, Aaron lies about the situation - all of which leads to a big falling out when Robert confronts him with the truth.

The trouble is that when Robert pleads with Aaron to give up the drugs, he says it's too late. Feeling rejected, Robert then makes a rash move he'll end up regretting...


"Robert leaves the prison feeling betrayed and hurt and wants to offload his frustration on someone," explains actor Ryan Hawley. "So he texts Rebecca, who's been a friend to both him and Aaron. And, after a drunken rant, Robert makes a stupid mistake."

In the aftermath of the incident, a hungover Robert will be seen ruing making a move on Rebecca and begging her not to tell Aaron.


It's a stupid mistake, to be sure, so was Hawley disappointed in seeing his character try to kiss Rebecca?

"Well, I do sympathise with Robert in that he's been running around doing everything he can for Aaron and Liv and it was a big shock to find that Aaron hadn't confided in him about the trouble he's having in prison, especially after everything they've been through together."

But the actor is quick to reassure fans who are worried about what this means for the future of the #Robron relationship: "I think Robert loves Aaron and he wants to be with him no matter what."

But as for how Aaron would react should he discover all about his husband's actions remains to be seen...

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