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Emmerdale preview teases murder as Meena kills for the first time

Who will be Meena’s first victim in the village?

Meena Jutla, Emmerdale
Published: Monday, 28th June 2021 at 12:01 am

Emmerdale viewers have watched the erratic Meena Jutla scheme and manipulate her way into the villagers’ lives since she arrived in the village last year. But who will be the one to push her over her edge?


This week, many of the villagers are caught in the crossfire as Meena seeks to take her relationship with David to the next level – and it'll all end with one character losing their life at Meena's hands.

Meena’s relationship with David’s former step-son Jacob is already fraught. She goes one step too far when she offers to pay Jacob’s airfare to go travelling with Leanna, with the small catch that he has to keep it a secret. Viewers will know though that this isn’t Jacob’s first rodeo with Meena and, after his experiences with Maya, he can tell he’s being manipulated.

Joe-Warren Plant, who plays Jacob, said: “After everything that he has been through Jacob won’t hesitate to address things when he notices red flags.

"Jacob is very much in danger. Especially when there’s a killer so close to home.”

Ominous words, but we’ve also been watching David and Victoria get closer as the weeks go by, with the two bonding over their children. This will finally tip over into physical territory in the episodes to come when, in the heat of the moment, David leans over and kisses Victoria.

Victoria is played by Isabel Hodgins, who also said that Victoria could be at risk from Meena.

I think anyone would be mad to find out their partner had kissed someone else, but Meena is on a different level. I think if Meena can’t have her man then no one can.”

There are any number of Dales residents who could end up presenting an obstacle for Meena – and we now know she’ll go as far as she deems necessary to get what she wants.

Paige Sandhu, who plays Meena, described her character as “charismatic, self-obsessed, and manipulative.” It’s a less-than-stellar character reference and Sandhu added: “I knew from the very beginning where she was going to go and how dark she really is.”

How much does Sandhu know though and will Meena kill more than one person?

Sandhu said: “Meena’s a closed book. We don’t know much about her at the moment but there is the chance that once she’s killed she won’t hesitate to do it again should you get in her way.”


We’ll be playing the guessing game until we find out.

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