Moira Barton and Cain Dingle come to a conclusion on Emmerdale – will it be a happy ever after?

Will these two sort their problems out?

moira emmerdale

If there is one person in Emmerdale that you do not want coming after you for violent revenge, it’s Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley). Unfortunately for Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln), that’s exactly what he faces as Cain’s anger towards him boils over.


Discovering how badly Jamie has been treating Belle (Eden Taylor Draper) and the impact that has had on her mental health is enough for Cain to want to take action, and he plans to do just that while armed with a metal pipe.

Moira Barton (Natalie J.Robb) does all she can to talk him out of it and reminds him how much he struggled with the guilt of his previous violent actions, but the decision is taken out of Cain’s hands when Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) locks the pair in the barn so they are forced to talk through their issues.

As the pair start to talk, it becomes clear that the problems run deep and when Moira begs Cain to forgive her for all she has done, he coldly lashes out and insists that the marriage is over. Will Moira cut her losses and say goodbye to the Dales for good?

cain emmerdale

Speaking of Jamie, he has another busy week when he finds himself being propositioned by Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) when he learns that she has been getting cash by sleeping with clients. But as he accepts, does he have an ulterior motive that could make things far worse for her.

As for Belle, she continues to struggle this week as her mental health problems worsen. Her hallucinations have been getting more frequent and vivid and next week, when she thinks that Jamie is chasing her through the woods, she finds herself holding a knife and listening to “Lisa” telling her to protect her family. Will Belle realise what is happening, or will she do something violent as her psychosis continues?


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