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Emmerdale's Mandy worries for Vinny as Paul closes in on his son

What is he after?

Published: Friday, 24th April 2020 at 7:45 pm

Emmerdale's Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) has made one thing very clear when it comes to Paul, the father of Vinny - she doesn't want him to have anything to do with her son.


But little does she know that Paul has already met him, only Vinny doesn't know it.

Viewers tonight (24th April) saw Paul continue to act deviously in his attempts to be part of his life.

Viewers had previously seen Paul befriend Vinny, but making sure that he kept his parental secret to himself.

Going by the name Alex, the two struck up a conversation when he paid a visit as a customer to the scrapyard.

Wily Paul wormed his way into a job there, ensuring he will be spending a lot of time with his boy.

Tonight saw Mandy and Vinny both still unaware of who "Alex" really was, with Paul making sure he stayed out of the way when his ex turned up.

Thinking that Paul had already left the village, she was there purely to do what she does best - interfere with her son's business and doing all that she can to make sure he gets a raise and a promotion, even though there isn't one up for grabs!

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Persistant Paul was certainly working hard to get to see his boy, but Vinny was distracted by the messages.

Paul did nearly cross paths with Mandy later at the scrapyard, but was sure to make a hasty retreat and managed to listen in on her conversation with Vinny without her knowledge.

But with all this deception used when it comes to simply meeting his son, how will Vinny (and Mandy for that matter) react when the truth is revealed? Emmerdale is a small place, but we're predicting fireworks on the horizon...


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