Corrupt cop DI Mark Malone (Mark Womack) issued a chilling threat to Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) in Emmerdale as he sought revenge for her reporting his illegal activities to the police to protect her family from his evil influence, but someone is about to get the better of him.


Friday 14th August's episode ended with the angry detective ordering his victim into the house, implying he would hurt her toddler son Lucas if she didn't comply, and the action picks up next week when he forces the recovering addict to take her own life by overdosing on heroin in front of him. Suffice to say, this is not how Dawn imagined her attempt to get Malone out of the village would go…

"She's terrified," says Bromley. "Malone has intimidated her and she's scared about reporting him. Then when they confront each other it's a negotiation for her life and safety, but I don't think in her wildest dreams she would think he'd go as far as he does."

At first Malone points a gun at his prey, only for the tough talking ex-crim to stand up for herself and fight back - leading to the horrifying moment the DI produces a wrap of heroin and a syringe, pushing her to take it or suffer the consequences.

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"The endgame is the same to him, whether Dawn dies or gets arrested," says Womack. "Either way, Malone gets rid of her. He's a narcissist and a psychopath and goes to whatever lengths to get what he wants.

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"He's angry with Dawn, and will kill her if he has to. She is collateral damage. When he enters the situation he knows what he wants to achieve, but not how to get there. Malone manipulates people and understands their weaknesses - for Dawn that's Lucas and heroin. So he basically hopes she takes the drugs and dies, although she is a very strong personality."

Thankfully Dawn is saved in the nick of time when an unnamed character comes to her rescue. All Emmerdale will say is that an altercation ensues when this third party arrives, ending with Malone's body lying on the floor - after he survived the attack from rival Will Taylor, Dawn's dad, could this actually be the end of the bent cop?

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Will seems the most likely candidate to be Dawn's saviour, but seeing as he's already tried and failed to bump off Malone surely it would be more interesting if Harriet Finch, caught in a scandalous love triangle between the men, went from clergy to killer?

"Malone has never got over Harriet's rejection," admits Womack. "She left him for Will, who is standing in the way of what he wants. The more people get in his way, the more determined he is to prove everyone wrong."

This could well be the end for the bad boy, who has made a huge impression since arriving back in the spring and immediately clashing with Cain Dingle. Does Womack believe there is any hope of redemption for his evil alter ego?

"I think there should be repercussions for the things he's done. Whenever you play a nasty guy like this you have to find redeemable qualities - for me it's his single-mindedness that I like. But there has to be some kind of punishment."

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