Someone is out to get Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) in Emmerdale following a vicious act of vandalism, but with prime suspect, mean teen Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger), denying she was behind it could the village wedding planner have a secret stalker?


After yet another clash with boyfriend Liam Cavanagh's stroppy daughter, Leyla was mortified on Friday 22nd May when she led her clients to the Take a Vow office to reveal her plans for their nuptials only to find someone had broken in and utterly trashed the place.

Angrily confronting Leanna in the street, once her unimpressed potential clients had left and suggested Ms Harding call the cops, the two women in Dr Cavanagh's life exchanged a tirade of insults.

Accusing the blonde schoolgirl outright of the vandalism as payback for her dad's perceived neglect now he's got (another) new girlfriend, Leyla lashed out and slapped her round the face, despite Leanna categorically insisting she was not behind the targeted attack.

emmerdale leyla harding

Losing her rag and getting physically violent only serves to play into Leanna's hands, as Leyla discovers next week when Liam appears to take his little girl's side over their constant fighting, pushing father and daughter closer together and painting Leyla as the baddie - and jeopardising their already rocky relationship.

Minxy Leanna is definitely capable of such vindictiveness but if she had trashed the office, surely she would've admitted it to Leyla's face even if she then denied it to her father? And there must be a reason why viewers only saw the trashing through the point of view of whoever did it, which makes a surprise twist in their identity very possible.

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This is worrying news for Leyla as it means someone other than her rival for Liam's affections wants to make her suffer - but who could that be?


Has her own son Jacob Gallagher betrayed his mum to impress Leanna? The teens are on the verge of a big romance that has threatened to get off the ground for months. Perhaps Jakey's manipulation by toxic teacher Maya Stepney had a bigger impact on his behaviour and emotions than first thought, and he's still angry at Leyla for meddling in his forbidden romance with his abuser?


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