Laurel sparks concern in Emmerdale as she continues to spiral

Will anyone be able to help her?

emmerdale laurel thomas

It has been a painful time for both Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) and Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) in Emmerdale since they made the difficult decision to terminate their pregnancy – and it looks like the heartache is set to continue.


Laurel has been struggling in the wake of it and next week sees her friends start to grow increasingly concerned with how much she is coping with the trauma.

Already teetering on the edge of turning back to alcohol to drown away her problems, she initially resists the urge until she gets a cruel reminder of what she has lost that tips her over the edge.

An alert on her pregnancy app devastates Laurel all over again and it proves to be the final straw for her as she reaches for a bottle of vodka and proceeds to drink a glass of it. But as she does, Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) walks in and catches her in the act and is soon told the series of events that led to Laurel slipping.

laurel jai emmerdale

Nicola decides that Jay needs to be told what has happened and he heads home to try and remind Laurel that they are both going through the pain together and that he is always there for her. But will his words be enough to bring a distraught Laurel back from the brink?

Elsewhere on the Dales, look for a feud to potentially turn deadly for someone is not even caught up in it. Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) and Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) are not on the best of terms and that rivalry is about to flare up even further.

A frustrated Jamie decides to set fire to The Barn and douses the place in petrol. But he is not aware that young Kyle Winchester is playing inside and it remains to be seen whether anyone will realise before it is too late.


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