Gail Loman's (Rachael Gill-Davis) big secret was revealed to Emmerdale viewers tonight (21st September) - she has a secret son, and his father is none other than her boyfriend Ryan Stocks (James Moore)!


After some furtive phone calls, Gail met a woman called Sophie (played by Martha Cope). The woman admitted that, although it's against the rules, she had tracked Gail down on social media because she was desperate.

Sophie, the adoptive mother of Gail's son, 13-year-old Oscar, explained that he has been diagnosed with a rare type of aplastic anaemia.

When Gail questioned if there was treatment available, Sophie revealed that Oscar needs a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible. Sophie wasn't a match, and Gail realised that Sophie was asking her to get tested.

Although in shock, Gail agreed, but when Sophie spoke about tracking down Oscar's biological father, this was the moment we learned that Ryan is on the birth certificate.

Gail made out that she wasn't in touch with Ryan, and urged Sophie to hold off looking for him until they knew whether Gail was a match.

Sophie later contacted Gail to tell her that her bone marrow test was booked for the following morning, and Gail lied to both Ryan and her boss Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) that she had a dentist appointment.

But with the stakes so high, will Gail be forced to tell Ryan the truth? And how will he react?

You can find help and support concerning aplastic anaemia here:

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