Many Emmerdale fans still aren’t convinced corrupt cop Malone is dead

DI Malone appeared to be shot and killed by Harriet's stepdaughter Dawn in Wednesday's episode.

malone harriet emerdale

DI Mark Malone finally met his end in Emmerdale on Wednesday, killed by Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley), the stepdaughter of Rev Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton), with whom the corrupt copper had been having an affair.


Was Malone really dead after Dawn shot him with the shotgun he had aimed at his ex? He certainly looked it when they wrapped his body in a rug and dragged him out of the house in broad daylight, but he’s a man who has already survived numerous attempts on his life.

Some Emmerdale viewers were sceptical that Emmerdale producers had finally offed the diabolical drug-dealing detective. Some fans compared him to the famously hardy Russian monk Rasputin, who survived multiple poisoning attempts on his life, or even legendary escape artist Houdini.

Sconed with a kettle and filled full of shotgun pellets, it certainly wasn’t Malone’s day. But, really, considering the damage he’s done to the lives of people in Enmmerdale and beyond, should we give a tuppence?

Fans were speculating about the outcome of Dawn’s rash act and how it would play out. This viewer thought a better conclusion would have been an indefinite spell in prison. Think of the extended court case!

Others were more definite about the development in the storyline. DI Malone (Mark Womack) got what was coming to him.

That is, of course, if he is really dead. Many were still not convinced.

“Nothing would surprise me if they come back to the boot of the car and Malone has disappeared,” tweeted another viewer.

Some Emmerdale viewers were concerned about the violence being heavy-handed for the time slot, even if the drama made for “brilliant TV”.

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