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Emmerdale's Dawn plans to confess to killing Malone as Will is questioned by police

How long can Harriet cover up the crime?

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Published: Saturday, 22nd August 2020 at 7:00 am

The Malone murder plot thickens in Emmerdale next week as Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) prepares to confess to the killing, while police accuse her dad Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) of being connected to the corrupt cop's disappearance and Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) tries to stop the truth from getting out.


Dawn shot menacing Malone dead when he tried to kill her and Harriet, pushing the vicar into cover-up mode by burying the body in the local cemetery to protect her vulnerable stepdaughter.

The cops are investigating the dodgy DI's vanishing act after Dawn reported his years of corruption and drug running to his bosses. Fragile Dawn starts losing the plot when the boys in blue question reformed gangster Will, who almost bumped off arch-enemy Malone himself during a recent showdown, believing he knows the real reason behind the sudden absence.

Desperate to offload, Dawn is determined to tell boyfriend Billy Fletcher she murdered Malone in self-defence after he threatened her son Lucas then attacked Harriet when she showed up to save her, but bottles it and instead dumps the confused fella.

DS Wise, meanwhile, interrogates reformed gangland boss Will, who does himself no favours during his interview with the senior officer. Oblivious to what his daughter and fiancee are hiding, could Will end up taking the rap for the murder if the body is found and the women sit back and stay silent?


Wise won't have to dig very deep to realise there is bad blood between the boys in their backstory, giving Will motive to want rid of his rival.

Kept in for more questioning, Will is looking increasingly guilty in the eyes of the law which makes Dawn even more jittery. Harriet struggles to calm her down and stick to the plan, and Dawn even talks of doing a runner from the village.

Eventually, Will is released and returns home. When he tentatively asks Dawn and Harriet if they know what happened to Malone and are keeping it from him, Ms Taylor can't take the pressure any longer and storms out of the house.

Harriet and Will chase the stressed mum up the street as she catches up with Billy - is Dawn about to blow the whole thing apart by admitting everything?


From a distance, wily DS Wise is seen observing the foursome and becoming convinced someone in the household definitely knows more than they're letting on - but does he think Will is the guilty one? And what will Dawn do if her dad pays the price for something she did?

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