Emmerdale’s Charity makes plans to adopt Vanessa’s son Johnny – but it won’t be easy

At last some good news for Vanity fans

Vanessa Woodfield Charity Dingle

It’s been a very long time coming with all sorts of untold grief along the way but finally warring couple Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) and Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) came together properly again as a couple as Vanessa asked her bolshy other half to adopt her son Johnny. And this time there was no hesitation, Charity said yes. Phew.


The pair could barely contain themselves as they returned from Vanessa’s chemotherapy in the Wednesday May 13 episode to tell half-sister Tracy (Amy Walsh) the good news. Tracy was delighted which was a relief as she has also said things she wished she hadn’t after Vanessa initially chose best mate Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) to be Johnny’s guardian in the event that she doesn’t survive her bowel cancer.

Viewers were made to sweat before the happy outcome. Earlier Charity was still in full combat mode calling Rhona a “screw-up” and cruelly mocking her for ending up married to rapist Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather).

“I love Johnny,” Charity protested. “He’s my kid. That’s how I see him and you want to rip him away from me.” In the end it took a proper clearing of the air between Rhona and Charity with Chas as referee whilst Vanessa was at the hospital.

Charity admitted she was jealous of Rhona who immediately set her straight by assuring her that everyone else is jealous of what Charity and Vanessa have together. She pointed out that it was Charity who Vanessa first asked to take care of Johnny whilst tactfully not reminding her that it was Charity’s moment of hesitation that started this whole roundabout of recriminations in the first place.

Arthur Laurel PC Swirling Emmerdale

Elsewhere Arthur and Archie both admitted they had been telling lies when Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) got PC Swirling (Andy Moore) involved but Harriet Finch’s (Katherine Dow Blyton) attempts to get Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) to play it straight with her (and grow a spine) once again capsized in the face of his DI Malone paranoia.

“You’re falling apart and I’m sick of it,” said the irate vicar. You and us both, Harriet. In times of trouble thank the Lord we can at least once more place some trust in Vanity.


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