Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) was left even more terrified in tonight's Emmerdale (15th March), when kidnapping drug dealer Callum (Tom Ashley) threatened her life.


The character was taken by Callum earlier this week, following her decision to gloat over having him arrested for dealing in recent scenes. Callum was released without charge, but he issued a threat on Leyla's son Jacob Gallagher's (Joe-Warren Plant) life.

Later, Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) planned to destroy Callum's drug operation by smearing his name with his associates, and Callum attacked her with a brick, leaving her for dead.

The police couldn't do much, as Callum had an alibi, but Suzy recovered in hospital. Leyla was left on edge, though, when Callum sent her threats - and Caleb Miligan (William Ash) encouraged her to take Callum on and play him at his own game.

Arranging a meeting, Leyla handed Callum cash and explained that she'd sold her car in a hurry to raise the money. But Callum grabbed her, bundling her into a car and ordering her to answer a call from Suzy and act normally. So she agreed to pick Suzy up from hospital the next day.

But as the ITV soap returned, Leyla was trapped in a shed in the woods, bound and gagged. When she heard a dog walker nearby, she screamed in an attempt to alert them, but no one heard her. Meanwhile, in the village, Suzy was not impressed that she had to get a taxi home, as Leyla failed to show up.

Jacob and David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) grew worried, and after discovering she had sold her car, they called the police to explain that they were sure Callum had taken her. Jacob was talked out of telling the detective that Callum had been the one to stab him, with David warning he would be arrested as the weapon was his.

But Jacob feared the consequences of hiding just how dangerous Callum could be. When the officer returned, he asked the family to be patient, but Jacob was angry that the police had enabled Callum to hurt Leyla by releasing him from custody.

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Leyla is kidnapped by Callum in Emmerdale
Leyla is kidnapped by Callum in Emmerdale. ITV

In the woods, Callum ordered Leyla to turn on her businesswoman charm to help him restore his reputation with his contacts. But when he heard nothing back from them, he was certain that Leyla's influence had ruined everything for him. He began planning an escape route, before getting a call from his mum who was stressed after a visit from the police.

Leyla made another bid for freedom as she expressed sympathy for his mother, before promising she wouldn't breathe a word of Callum's latest crimes if he let her go.

But the more she talked, the angrier he became, and he knocked her to the ground, putting the gag back on and warning her to keep her mouth shut or he would kill her. Will anyone come to Leyla's rescue?

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