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Emmerdale boss reveals Christmas wedding drama and teases 2019 storylines

Executive producer Jane Hudson reveals what's in store for our Emmerdale favourites

Published: Wednesday, 3rd October 2018 at 8:00 am

Emmerdale's executive producer Jane Hudson has offered fans the first details of this year's Christmas drama, as well as a few hints as to what is coming up on the ITV soap in 2019.


Speaking at a press event in Leeds, Hudson told journalists: "We've got a wedding at Christmas - I'm not going to tell you who, but let’s just say it will bring a different flavour to the village than you’ve had before.

"Next year, around February time, we will be sending Paddy and Marlon off on a little adventure. One of them will make quite a big discovery.

"We also have a proposal next year between two of our characters, which will be very romantic. And we have got huge rifts coming up in the Dingle clan that will blow apart two of our most loved characters - and who knows if they will ever get back to where they used to be."

Hudson's words will now inevitably fuel speculation that fan favourites Charity and Vanessa will be tying the knot, what with the pair having recently declared their love for each other. Other possible candidates include the likes of Eric Pollard and Faith Dingle, Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk or Joe Tate and Debbie Dingle.

As for the ructions to affect the Dingles, could this be the first test of Aaron and Robert's marriage now that the latter has joined the family? Or might this also be something that will bring fresh trouble for Charity's relationship with Vanessa?


Hudson also revealed that Emmerdale is to break new ground next year when it produces an episode with an all-female creative team:

"We're doing something rather special on March 8th, which is International Women's Day. We've now got two female producers and a female executive producer - which is the first time a soap has had an all-female team.

"Now, don't get me wrong - I love men, I'm a big fan of men, I'm frantically on Tinder and Bumble all the time. If anyone's got any tips on dating let me know.

"We are going to have an episode that is produced by a female, directed by a female and written by a female. The entire cast will be female, including all the background artists and we will have almost an almost entirely female crew. What they don’t realise is that we’ll be giving some of the men the traditional female roles for the day. so we’ll all be bringing our kids in for them to look after.

"We’re really excited to be doing it and recognising International Women's Day and do our bit for it.”


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