An argument in Emmerdale is to become heated in a very literal way this week as a feud between Arthur and Archie turns nasty and one village resident could well end up paying the price.


The drama unfolds when a camping trip is organised to celebrate Rishi Sharma's (Bhasker Patel) 80th birthday.

What should be a fun and happy time is marred somewhat by Arthur (Alfie Clarke) and Archie (Kai Assi) who continue to be at odds with one another.

This time, a kickabout is the first catalyst for some bickering and a later game of rounders only escalates things even further.

Archie is put on the same team as Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) and it leads to Arthur feeling more isolated from his mum than ever.

emmerdale camping fire archie arthur

One thing leads to another and a tent fire erupts, leaving all shocked - but the peril only just starts there.

Young Dotty Thomas (Tilly-Rue Foster), who is in a tent very close to the flame, is in immediate danger. Some quick thinking from a terrified Laurel sees Dotty have to be cut free from the tent before she is burned alive.

As Dotty is rushed off to be treated, both boys are left to think about what may have happened because of what was going on between them. But only one of them is brave enough to admit responsibility, with Arthur wasting no time in lying to avoid trouble.

For Laurel, this is the final straw. She has been growing tired of Arthur's behaviour and Dotty nearly being killed is one step too far. And so, she makes the decision to tell the police what Arthur did so they can be the ones to teach him a lesson.

Now that Arthur is facing serious repercussions for what he did, will he finally take stock of his behaviour, or will he instead harbour a grudge against his mother for turning him in?


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