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Evil kid twist in Emmerdale as Archie takes revenge on Arthur

The bullied becomes the bully

emmerdale arthur thomas archie breckle
Published: Friday, 13th March 2020 at 7:25 pm

Emmerdale's Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke) is a pint-sized pariah after being accused of bullying Archie Breckle again and nobody believes the lad's protestations of innocence, but now the audience know the truth and there are two evil kiddies on the loose in the village.


Friday 13th March saw Arthur's mum Laurel Thomas become increasingly agitated at his antics, following her confession to partner Jai Sharma her son had been bullying his little boy Archie and she had covered it up.

She demanded Arthur start counselling for his anger issues, which the lad was reluctant to do having insisted he did not cause Thursday's incident that saw a cabinet topple onto Archie - as it happened off screen even viewers don't know what really happened.

Jai forgave Laurel for her deceit and the pair were back on, reassuring Archie they would protect him from Arthur's aggression.

But at the end of the episode, a secret conversation between the child rivals confirmed Archie was the calculating one - he had lied about the 'attack' and threatened indignant Arthur that if he stepped out of line again he would pretend to their parents he was bullying him so he'd get sent away!

emmerdale laurel thomas arthur thomas

Setting the scene for a bitter battle of the schoolboys, where will this sinister storyline go next? In upcoming episodes, Arthur tries to take control back and secretly wages war on Archie again as Laurel tries to make him accountability for his behaviour.

Will he come clean that the tables have been turned and Archie has now made him the victim? Could both boys end up in trouble if their vicious vendettas are exposed? And might their next fight end with one of them getting seriously hurt…?


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