We've finally caught up with Emmerdale's Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) almost a month since it was revealed she was hiding out in a hotel after her cheating husband Jamie Tate's (Alexander Lincoln) affair with Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) was exposed.


The soap's special lockdown episodes were scheduled for three weeks after the cliffhanger of Andrea's whereabouts, but with 'new' normal service resumed on Emmerdale as of Monday 29th June, which also means the soap is back up to thrice-weekly, Mrs Tate's revenge plan was back in focus - but it turns out it's not going so well.

"Andrea is hiding because she's panicked and doesn't have many options," reveals Nightingale. "I don't think she even knows what she hopes to achieve. She packed a few bags for her and Millie and obviously wants to jolt Jamie into thinking what's happened to her.

"We all know Jamie adores his daughter so it will set off alarm bells and make him try to find them. Andrea wants to destabilise him and make him feel disorientated - he's the one who risked their family unit with the affair, she wants to scare him and make him panic as he's put her through a lot."

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Best mate Leyla Harding came to the rescue when embarrassed Andrea couldn't pay her hotel bill and the police eventually tracked her down, but more worryingly monstrous mother-in-law Kim Tate has now also found her. So what's next for the scorned spouse?

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Later this week, Leyla convinces Andrea to come home but when she does she spies Jamie and Belle publicly declaring their love for each other. Distraught Andrea impulsively flees again but leaves Millie behind at Home Farm - so where has she gone now?

Nightingale's not saying, but fans may be wondering if this is connected to the car crash teased in a recent Emmerdale trailer that shows a jittery Jamie driving along a country road late at night and knocking someone - or something - over.

Does Jamie go to find his wife and end up mowing her down? Or is he so incensed at her games he deliberately tries to kill her, then cover it up to make it look like an accident leaving the way clear for him and Belle?

All will be revealed in the coming weeks as some big twists are promised, in the meantime Nightingale hopes her alter ego can come out fighting from her heartbreak.

"Andrea thinks she's alone and starts to question if she's even fit to be a mother to Millie, but my advice would be to look to her friends," she says. "Who could help her out? She needs to find strength to be a mum and help herself.

"Since the cliffhanger aired of her hiding in the hotel people in my local supermarket were asking where she'd gone. Usually you have an idea but we hadn't gone any further in scripts so I didn't even know where she is or if she's coming back, or if she had enough teabags to survive lockdown!"


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