Emmerdale: Adam discovers he is NOT Johnny’s father – and has a meltdown

Michelle Hardwick, Adam Thomas and Adam Fielding reveal all about the baby drama set to rock the ITV soap

Emmerdale’s big baby secret will be exposed during the first week of January 2016 when Vanessa discovers that Adam is not the real father of her baby.


Vanessa will be seen using a DNA testing kit to take a swab of a bottle that Adam has been using. And the results end up proving that Adam is not the daddy after all!

And for actress Michelle Hardwick – whose character has been in the dark ever since scheming Rakesh falsified the original test – it’s a relief that the truth is coming out.

“It’s a big relief. I can’t go anywhere without people asking me when Vanessa is going to find out! Someone even asked me when I was on honeymoon in New York. For Vanessa, it’s going to come as a real relief. But the person who’s going to be hardest hit by all this is Adam Barton.”

Scenes to be broadcast on Thursday 7 January see Vanessa become certain that Kirin is the real dad, but is confused when the DNA lab makes it clear that the original test result also ruled Adam out as the father.

As well as wondering how the mix-up happened, Vanessa must also turn her mind towards revealing all to Adam about the paternity bombshell. And, as expected, Adam does not take the news about not being the dad at all well.

Says actor Adam Thomas: “In Adam’s eyes, he’s the dad and that’s his son. So it’s a massive thing for someone to come and take that away from him. I’ve got a son of my own and I can’t imagine anyone turning around to me and saying, ‘He’s not yours’. So Adam will go off the rails a little bit – as you do in a soap!”

Of course, the other people whose lives are now going to irrevocably altered are true dad Kirin and his own father Rakesh, who fears that his life is going to crash around him once his meddling is exposed.

“I hope I get to lay him out!” says actor Adam Fielding of his hopes for a showdown between Kirin and Rakesh. “I hope it blows their relationship apart. You can’t get away with that! If you saw the headline ‘Lawyer doctored results’ on Sky News, you’d think that this guy was off his nut. That lawyer is crazy. What must the son be going through.

“Who knows what’s going to happen, but Kirin’s surely not going to be having a meal with him by the Saturday, that’s for sure!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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