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Andrea leaves Emmerdale but will Belle protect Jamie over hit and run?

The vet might be off the hook, but there's another twist in store.

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Published: Wednesday, 12th August 2020 at 7:25 pm

Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) has dropped her blackmail plot against husband Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln), promising to keep quiet about him almost killing Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) and ending their sham marriage so he can be with Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper).


The latest twist in Emmerdale's toxic love triangle came as a shock to jittery Jamie, who has been forced to happy families with his wronged wife since she learnt he was behind the wheel of the near-fatal hit and run.

Unable to live a lie with manipulative Ands one minute more, Jamie flipped at his missus and told her she may as well shop him to the police as he felt so trapped. Realising the emotional damage her plot was causing both of them she called off the dogs and told her hubby on Wednesday 12th August she was leaving the village with daughter Millie to get some space, but vowed to keep his secret.

Nervous of trusting his other half's sudden u-turn, Jamie was convinced as Andrea softened and said she didn't want them to destroy each other as it would be Millie who ended up suffering, and it was pathetic to try and make Jamie love her. Giving her blessing for him to be with Belle, Mrs Tate accepted her marriage was over and temporarily departed Home Farm, clinging to her last shreds of decency.

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But Jamie's problems are far from over, as he has already confessed to Belle about the accident and practically urged her to dob him in as he was so wracked with guilt.

Tracking her down after Andrea left, Jamie explained the situation had changed and that they could finally be together. Belle, however, is still torn about where her loyalties lie - Moira is family, and there is enough bad blood between the Dingles and Tates without her betraying the clan and fuelling the feud.

Adding to Belle's confusion was an exchange with a recovering, upbeat Moira, who insisted she wants to move on from the incident and leave it in the past.

Jamie begged Belle not to turn him in, going for a bit of emotional blackmail himself by flagging she'd rob Millie of having her father around if he was banged up, and dangling the carrot of their forbidden affair finally being out in the open.

For the moment it seems Belle stays silent, but next week she accidentally lets something slip to Moira's ex Nate Robinson about the hit and run… Will Jamie's fate be taken out of everyone's hands if the fit farm hand finds out and tells the cops? And can Andrea really be trusted, or is this remorseful act a big bluff and she's going to be working out her next dastardly move while she's away?


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