Will Whitney jilt Callum at the altar in EastEnders?

Fans have to wait 24 hours to find out, but here’s what we think

eastenders bianca whitney wedding

EastEnders delivered an almighty cliffhanger on Monday 2nd September as Whitney Dean left Callum Highway waiting at the altar, with fans desperate to know if their wedding will go ahead.


Despite knowing he cheated on her with Ben Mitchell the bride-to-be has decided to forgive and forget, but as stepmum Bianca Jackson (a returning Patsy Palmer) urged her to see the light and forget the nuptials a resolute Whit waltzed off in her pinky peach frock desperate to get her happy ending.

Tuesday 3rd September’s episode will resolve the ‘will they?/won’t they?’ dilemma, but until then here are RadioTimes.com’s thoughts for and against the couple tying the knot. Are you listening, Whit?

FOR: Callum really loves Whitney…

We 100% believe confused Callum genuinely cares for Whitney and wants to look after her. After all, he did the decent thing and came clean about his indiscretion (albeit hours before the big day) and would make the perfect husband and provider if the whole cheating thing is ignored. Isn’t that enough?

AGAINST: …but he also loves Ben

Thing is, Callum is so far in the closet he’s found last winter’s knitwear, and the burgeoning passion he so desperately tries to bury for Ben every time they look at each other is palpable. He’s just not that into his fiancée.

eastenders whitney

FOR: Whitney deserves to be happy…

She may be kidding herself but has Whitney got a point with the ‘If I ignore it then it’ll go away’ attitude she’s expressed to Bianca and Ben? The poor girl has been through the mill: failed relationships, childhood abuse, forced into sexual exploitation as a teenager, the death of her dad, being abandoned by her mum – you can’t blame her for turning a blind eye and wanting to smile for a change.

AGAINST: …but that would be a bit boring

Since when is it at all exciting to see people live happily ever after in soaps, especially EastEnders? This storyline has made us care about Whitney in a way her ill-advised dalliance with Mick Carter a few years back never did – give the girl more drama, starting with a potential fully-fledged snot and tears breakdown at the altar. Why else bring back Bianca if she’s not there to mop up her stepdaughter’s body-shaking tears of despair?

eastenders callum wedding

FOR: Ballum could remain a secret affair for longer…

Part of the appeal of Ballum is the forbidden fruit aspect of the racy romance, so if Whitney did become Mrs Highway and the couple pretended the groom snogging fellas was all in the past we’d get indefinite clandestine liaisons between the lads. Isn’t that what the audience wants?

AGAINST: …but fans want them to be a proper couple

Arguably it would be more intriguing to see Ben and Callum become out and proud partners and whether the community could accept them. Ben would make an enemy of Stuart by wrecking his little brother’s chance of settling down with a nice girl for starters, and there’s surely bigger plot potential in them going public. But would it diminish that sexy secret spark?

eastenders ben mitchell

FOR: Ben’s heartbreak could drive him to some dark, dramatic places…

If Whit and Callum do say ‘I do’ it would plunge Ben even further into the abyss he’s already halfway down. Max Bowden’s Ben is proper scary and having his heart harden by being rejected by his latest love could turn him into a full-on villain.

AGAINST: …but trying to kill your own dad is dark enough, surely?

Since returning to the show the character is the darkest he’s ever been, culminating in leaving dad Phil to die after Stacey whacked him, then messing with his oxygen tube while he lay in a coma. What on earth would he stoop to if he had to watch Callum play happy families with Ms Dean? The mind boggles (and the flesh creeps).

However, Whitney’s wedding decision might not count for much either way as EastEnders is killing off a major character this week when crazed killer Hunter Owen holds the entire cast hostage in the Queen Vic. Could the bride or groom be the ones to take a bullet?

Either way, we’ll be watching on Tuesday night to see what Whitney does…


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