Will Whitney Dean kill Leo King in EastEnders showdown?

Will Whit end up behind bars?

EastEnders - Whitney Carter

Long suffering Walford resident Whitney Dean has seen her fair share of turmoil, not least around her doomed romances, and latest scenes indicate she might end up getting locked up.


Leo’s motives towards Whitney have been sinister, and creepy, from the start. His intentions to take revenge on his paedophile father, Tony King, have hinted at a big storyline between the two for a while.

It appears that Whitney has finally decided to ‘put things right’ after becoming fearful of Leo’s obsessions.

The narrative arc of Whitney’s love life suggests that she may be in the same danger she put Tony in. This may indeed be Leo’s ultimate goal and ultimate revenge for his dead dad.

Kush has already landed himself in trouble with the law after accidentally pushing Leo off a balcony, which seems to have sparked Whitney into action.

Tiffany tries to prevent her from putting herself in any danger, however Whitney seems to have a one-track mind and viewers are questioning whether that will take her as far as murder.

Will Whitney take matters into her own hands?


EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One