When did Bobby kill Lucy Beale on EastEnders?

A look at Bobby's unsettling history on the Square

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The behaviour of Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) remains a cause for concern on EastEnders as he continues to see visions of his dead sister Lucy. Gran Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) is unaware that the cause of Bobby’s anxiety are the hallucinations he’s experiencing. But events threatened to spiral out out of control on Monday after he invited a fellow ex-prisoner by the name of Imran to stay with him…


When did Bobby kill Lucy?

As long-time fans will recall, the murder of Lucy Beale in 2014 kicked off a year-long whodunnit storyline on EastEnders that ran until the soap’s 30th anniversary in February 2015.

Actress Hetti Bywater – who had portrayed Lucy at the time of her death – returned to the show for a special flashback episode which ultimately revealed that her then-10-year-old brother was Lucy’s killer (he’d hit his sister with a jewellery box) and that his mother Jane (Laurie Brett) had covered up the crime.

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As it turned out, Bobby had lashed out during an argument, but Jane managed to convince him that he’d done nothing wrong by reassuring him that Lucy would be fine. After sending Bobby to bed, Jane put Lucy’s body into the boot of her car and drove to Walford Common, which is where she ultimately decided to leave the corpse.

After Ian finally discovered what had happened, he and Jane attempted to conceal the truth – a move that resulted in their neighbour Max Branning temporarily taking the rap for the crime. However, in the end, Bobby was charged with unlawful killing, but only after he’d also put the life of Jane at risk by attacking her with a hockey stick.

Since his return in June, Bobby has been revealed to be converting to Islam as he tries to make peace with his past. But, as we’ve now witnessed, old demons are currently threatening his mental health, with scenes set to be shown later this week seeing Bobby putting himself in an extremely dangerous situation.


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