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Stuart grilled by police on EastEnders after attack on Dr Legg

New details about all this week's drama on the BBC1 soap

Published: Monday, 21st January 2019 at 1:05 pm

The finger of suspicion will be pointing in Stuart's direction on tonight's EastEnders after an ailing Dr Legg is rushed to hospital. But is the sinister Mr Highway actually innocent when it comes to the crime of targeting the former Walford GP with anti-Semitic abuse?


As viewers saw last Friday, the door of 25 Albert Square where Stuart and Dr Legg are living with Dot was daubed with a swastika. But as Stuart frantically tried to remove the offensive graffiti, Dr Legg returned home to see what had been sprayed.

After retreating to the living room, the frail medic appeared to suffer a heart attack in his chair, leaving fans wondering whether this was it for the character. Now, we can reveal that Stuart will be seen this evening making a desperate call for an ambulance and getting Sonia and Dennis to help him save Dot's house guest.

But after Dr Legg is rushed to hospital, Stuart is soon being asked to give a statement to the police, while Sonia tries to convince Dot that he's behind everything. Later on this week, Sonia decides to confront Stuart in order to warn him to stay way from Dot. But, determined to prove his innocence, Stuart ends up asking Dennis for a favour that could vindicate him - might is drone have captured footage of the vandals?

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Speaking recently about what's next for Stuart, actor Ricky Champ hinted that his character might be set to turn over a new leaf: "Rehabilitation and redemption might be very far away but is perhaps still in sight. We get to explore his history soon which will go a long way into explaining some of his actions, if not forgiving them. I think that could inspire empathy and maybe even some sympathy

"I’m looking forward to everyone seeing where its going to go. All I will say is that what lies in store in the coming weeks is a real turning point for Stuart."

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