Sharon rejects Phil after Keanu’s confession in EastEnders

Has she finally made her choice?


EastEnders‘ Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) is reeling after ex-lover Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) made an emotional confession during a secret rendezvous on Tuesday 5 February that suggested the scandalous affair between the cougar and the toy boy was not yet over.


Attempting to make Shaz jealous by dating her stepdaughter Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) backfired on lovesick Keanu who dumped the smitten schoolgirl when Mrs Mitchell refused to reignite their fling because he was now spoken for. Dumping Lou and leaving her heart broken, the muscly mechanic incurred the wrath of Lou’s dad Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) who demanded he stay away from his family – or he was a dead man.

Sharon has been comforting distraught Louise and trying to keep away from Keanu herself, realising how serious it was between him and her stepkid, and Tuesday’s instalment saw the club owner appear to commit to her marriage with some very public displays of affection in the Queen Vic that were obviously for Keanu’s benefit.

Following Sharon to the ladies’ loo for some sneaky alone time (for the second time in a week, bizarrely) Keanu seized his chance and urged her to hear him out. Laying his heart on the line, Keanu called Sharon out on trying to make him jealous by copying up to Phil in front of him, before being upfront about his feelings for Louise: “I don’t love Lou, she’s a great girl – but she’s not you…”


Does Phil suspect Sharon and Keanu’s affair?

The emotional admission that Mrs M is still the one for him left Sharon even more quivvery-lipped than usual, and put her right off the ‘afternoon delight’ she and Phil had planned back at home. Using the old headache excuse, Sharon rejected some intimate time with her hubby as Keanu’s words made a meaningful impact.

Surely this means the affair will soon be back on? The stakes are even higher now Louise has had her heart trampled on by the sensitive stud – Phil was angry enough at Keanu’s treatment of his daughter, imagine what he’d do if he knew he’d bedded his wife too. There’s only so long Sharon can fake a migraine before Phil gets suspicious about what’s really got her so preoccupied…


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