Next week’s EastEnders spoilers – Mel’s plans unravel, Dotty makes mischief, plus Leo and Whitney kiss

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EastEnders - October - December - 2019 - 6014

I’m loving the battle of the blondes on EastEnders. In one corner, we have Mel’s clenched teeth and confrontational jaw; in the other, there’s Sharon’s quivering lip and darting eyeballs. Who will emerge victorious?


Well, since Tamzin Outhwaite is leaving and Letitia Dean isn’t, I think we can guess. Then there were the recent images in the tabloids of Mel being involved in some kind of car crash after being pursued by the Mitchells (which all looked very Steve Owen circa 2002, if you know your EastEnders history).

EastEnders - October - December - 2019 - 6016

Now the seeds of that showdown look set to be sown as Mel’s plans start to unravel and she goes to desperate lengths to get what she wants.

Someone else on a mission is Keegan, who’s showing entrepreneurial flair with his sandwich business. But what he hasn’t counted on are devilish Dotty’s dirty tricks. When Dot’s granddaughter claims to have found a bug in one of the sarnies, might his plans end up being scuppered? And why exactly does Dotty have it in for Keegan?

EastEnders - October - December - 2019 - 6015

Elsewhere, Honey has the blinkers on where her love cheat boyfriend Adam is concerned and agrees to his plan to go on a family holiday, while Whitney gives in to her feelings for the dastardly Leo at the Queen Vic’s Halloween party. The Panesar brothers are also back in the spotlight when it’s revealed that Kheerat has history with Iqra’s girlfriend Ash.

EastEnders - October - December - 2019 - 6017

And then we come to Ian, who’s preoccupied with becoming Walford’s new councillor. The character was once the personification of youthful Thatcherite individualism in his younger days. So I’ll be interested to see whether the show now wants to use a middle-aged Ian as a totem for our current turbulent political times. I’ve got him pegged as a Boris Johnson fan – what do you think?


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