Next week on EastEnders: Ben kills again? Phil destroys the Square! Can Mick forgive Nancy?

28 March-1 April 2016: Plus Denise goes back behind bars to see Jordan


Your guide to next week’s drama in Walford


1. Ben tries to suffocate Phil

The pressure mounts on Ben after he realises that Phil is in no state to look after the businesses. But a showdown with Ronnie and Ritchie is interrupted when Ben discovers that Abi has been taken to hospital. When Abi breaks the news that she’s lost their ‘baby’, Ben seeks solace in the arms of Paul. However, the end of Monday’s episode will see Ben’s resolve strengthening where Phil is concerned – and he ends up trying to suffocate his dad with a pillow, only to be stopped in his tracks by Sharon.

2. Phil goes on a rampage

After Ben’s attempt on his life, Phil’s behaviour spirals out of control and he begins to destroy the Arches. Worse is to come when Phil gets into a digger and then starts trashing the car lot too. As the horrified residents of Albert Square look on, they quickly realise that someone is inside – does Phil now have blood on his hands?

3. Can Mick forgive Nancy?

Mick and Linda are determined to get answers from the doctor after Ollie doesn’t react in his usual way to a nursery rhyme. Later, back in the Square, Linda visits Honey and apologises for an earlier argument. The pair have a heart to heart and Linda realises that the Carters can get through this if they stick together as a family. Once she’s returned to the Vic, Linda tells Mick that he has to forgive Nancy and calls a family meeting. But will Mick be able to let go of his grievances?

4. Denise visits Jordan

Denise gets a shock when a social worker arrives and, despite Kim’s pleas, ends up going to visit Jordan in prison. But tensions increase further thanks to more family revelations…

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