New EastEnders trailer spotlights Queen Vic shooting drama

Who will be losing their life?

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A new EastEnders trailer has been released previewing the upcoming siege in the Queen Vic that is set to result in at least one character losing their life.


The promo features a montage of clips, beginning with a wild-eyed Hunter surprising Linda in the barrel store. Pretty soon, a hostage situation breaks out with Hunter appearing to walk Mick at gunpoint through the pub, where a party is in full swing. As Keegan realises what’s going on, he yells out that Hunter is armed – an exclamation that sends the revellers fleeing in terror.

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The drama then cuts to the exterior of the boozer, where Phil is pointing out to a police officer that he can’t calm down because his daughter Louise’s welfare is at risk. Cue Keanu breaking through the cordon and running in the direction of the pub as Sharon screams at him to stop.

With the Queen Vic the venue for Whitney and Callum’s wedding reception, it’s fair to say that many of EastEnders’s most familiar faces will be put in danger as events spiral out of control. So will prison escapee Hunter achieve his aim and get the ultimate revenge on Jack, the man he blames for putting him behind bars? Or maybe the bride or groom will be caught in the crossfire? You can read our theories on potential gunshot victims here.


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